Use of plant hormones (HT only)


Students should be able to describe the effects of some plant hormones and the different ways people use them to control plant growth.

Plant growth hormones are used in agriculture and horticulture.

Auxins are used:

  • as weed killers
  • as rooting powders
  • for promoting growth in tissue culture.
  • Ethene is used in the food industry to control ripening of fruit during storage and transport.
  • Gibberellins can be used to:
  • end seed dormancy
  • promote flowering
  • increase fruit size.

Explain why data is needed to answer scientific questions, and why it may be uncertain, incomplete or not available. Outline a simple ethical argument about the rights and wrongs of a new technology.,

Describe and explain specified examples of the technological applications of science. Describe and evaluate, with the help of data, methods that can be used to tackle problems caused by human impacts on the environment.