Negative feedback (HT only)


    • Plants produce hormones to coordinate and control growth and responses to light (phototropism) and gravity (gravitropism or geotropism). Unequal distributions of auxin cause unequal growth rates in plant roots and shoots.

(HT only) Gibberellins are important in initiating seed germination. (HT only) Ethene controls cell division and ripening of fruits.

(HT only) The mechanisms of how gibberellins and ethene work are not required.

Recognise/draw/interpret diagrams. Translate from data to a representation with a model. Use models in explanations, or match features of a model to the data from experiments or observations that the model describes or explains. Make predictions or calculate quantities based on the model or show its limitations. Give examples of ways in which a model can be tested by observation or experiment.

Construct and interpret frequency tables and diagrams, bar charts and histograms