KS3 - P6.1 - Magnetics



Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism.mp4

para/Dia magnetism

How does an Electromagnet Work.mp4



4 x demos of

1. Ferromagnetism

  • A paperclip and a thread suspended by a magnet

2. Electromagnetism

  • A large electro magnet to show the on off usefulness of a magnet

3. Diamagnetism

  • The lump of bismuth i have on a polystyrene raft (repelled by magnet)

4. Paramagnetism

  • Aluminium suspended on a string (see video) to be attracted by magnet.


KS3 - P6.2 - Magnetic fields



Video quiz

  • What was the first Vehicle in the film? (Speed boat)
  • What was the name of the equipment that was used (magnometer)
  • What was the name of the boat driver ? (Richard)
  • What 2 metals could the detector detect ( steel and iron)
  • What did the wrecked ship transport (trains)
  • What three metals were shown not to be magnetic (Aluminium, copper, Lead)
  • What are the name of the poles in the film ? (N and S)
  • What is the rule to remember about poles ? (opposite attracts, like repel)
  • Where was magnetism discovered (magnesia)
  • What is the name of the stone that is magnetic (magnitite or Loadstone)
  • What are the two ways you can create a magnet (tapping, stroaking)
  • How can you build and electo magnet (coils of wire)
  • What was the name of the eye surgeon (Steve charles)
  • What can Magnets be used for ? (max 5 things)

KS3 - P6.3 - Magnetism and navigation

Northern Lights from International Space Station.mp4


What Causes The Northern Lights.mp4




  • 10 x Magnets
  • 10 x Boxes or items to hide magnets in
  • 5 x boxes that look like they could have magnets in
  • 11x Compasses

Boxes are placed all around the room. The students will have 10 minutes to try and guess which boxes have magnets in base don their plotting compasses

KS3 - P6.4 - Big Queston


BQ Video

Big Question

KS3 - P6.7 - End point task


Practical :

11 x Cores

11 x sets of wire

11 x sets of wire cutters

11 x sets of 5 x paper clips

11 x sets of power packs

11x crocodile clips

11 x variable resistors

11x ammeters

Students are to investigate current and strength of electromagnet they can pick up. Studnets must be instructed to be very neat and tidy with coils. if not ordered and tight they will barely pick up 1.

KS3 - P6.8 DIRT