3.5 Colour

Exit Pass

End of topic assessment


QR code so students can look at the RGB (to the left) on their phones.

Use magnifying glass to see individual blue green red LED's that make up while light.

Video Resource

Vantablack (absorbs 99.9% of light).mov


Absorbing all light.


Prism Animation

Good old Newton

Why are sunsets red? | #aumsum.mp4


Why is the sunset red / sky blue


3.4 The eye and the camera

Demo :

  • Water tank
  • Milk powder
  • torch

Practical: 10x

  • 1x dichrotic crystals
  • 4x finger lights (red, green, blue, white)
  • 1x Magnifying glass

Risk assessment:

  • None


• State what happens to light when it passes through a prism

• State the primary and secondary colours of light

• State the effect of coloured filters on light

• Predict how red light will appear on a white surface

• Explain what happens when light passes through a prism

• Describe how primary colours add to make secondary colours

• Explain how filters and coloured materials subtract light

• Predict the colour of objects in red light and the colour of light through different filters

• Explain why a prism forms a spectrum

• Explain the formation of secondary colours

• Predict how coloured objects will appear given different coloured lights and filters

• Predict the colour of objects in lights of secondary colours, giving a reason for the prediction