3.1 Light


Video Resource

Vantablack (absorbs 99.9% of light).mov

Vanta black



Vanta black

Explanation on absorption


3.1 Light


  • 1x laser
  • water bottle to spray



  • 1x Solar panel
  • 1x Voltmeter
  • 1x light source (light bulb)
  • 1x something Transparent (clear plastic)
  • 1x something Translucent (tracing paper)
  • 1x Something Opaque
  • 1x something that absorbs light (black card)
  • 1x something that reflects (foil)
  • 1x piece of paper

Practical to measure light intensity of differnt materials

Class Demos:

  • 8x
  • Black bag
  • 1x something aluminous
  • 1x normal object

Demo to show that items do not give off light. they reflect light.

Luminous object to show some objects do.

Risk assessment:

  • Mindful of where laser is pointing.


• Describe some ways that light interacts with materials

• State that light travels very fast

• Compare results with other groups, stating if there is a spread in results

• Describe what happens when light interacts with materials

• State the speed of light

• Compare results with other groups, suggesting reasons for differences

• Predict how light will interact with different materials

• Calculate the distance travelled by light in a light-year

• Evaluate results suggesting reasons for errors