1.1.4 Forces at a distance


Mass v Weight

Mass v Weight ANS

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My Poor Nephew

Introduce the concept of gravity


Gravity Model

Video for DEMO idea (or show instead)

Space Ping Pong - Astronaut Plays With Ball Of Water Video.mp4

No Gravity interest

Video for DEMO idea (or show instead)


1.1.4 Forces at a distance

Demo :

  • Latex
  • Marbles
  • 500g Mass
  • 1 kg Mass

Investigation -

  • Simulated weight of 100grammes
  • Boxes labelled, with sand/mass of :
    • Sun : 27.4 kg
    • Jupiter 2.5kg
    • Neptune 1.12kg
    • Saturn : 1kg
    • Earth 0.98 kg
    • Uranus 0.89 kg
    • Mars : 0.37kg
    • Moon : 0.16kg

Students wander experiencing what the weight of 1kg (10N) feels like on other planets.

Risk assessment:

  • No risk

Risk assessment:

  • None- but keep an eye on heavy mass and pupils


• Identify gravity as a force that acts at a distance

• State that gravity changes with distance

• With help, draw a table and present results

• Describe the effect of a field

• Describe the effect of gravitational forces on Earth and in space

• Present results in a simple table

• Apply the effects of forces at a distance to different fields

• Explain how the effect of gravity changes moving away from Earth

• Present results in a table, ensuring they are reliable