1.1 Introduction to forces


Label the forces

Lesson guide

Video Resource


Fan Hovercraft

What is a force?


Demo :

  • White boards
  • Rope (for tug of war)

Round robin -

  • Magnet and tied down paperclip
  • something floating
  • Mass on a string
  • Heavy mass on a table


  • 15x Newton meters mixed 10N nd 100N

Students wander around identifying the force pairs - naming them. They then draw a force diagram

Risk assessment:

  • No risk

Risk assessment:

  • None- but keep an eye on heavy mass and pupils


• Identify some forces acting on objects in everyday situations

• Identify an interaction pair

• Use a newtonmeter to make predictions about sizes of forces

• Explain what forces do

• Describe what is meant by an interaction pair

• Make predictions about forces in familiar situations

• Explain the differences between contact and non-contact forces

• Explain which pairs of forces are acting on an object

• Make predictions about pairs of forces acting in unfamiliar