C2.2.4 Filtration


Work sheet

Video Resource


Life straw

Practical example for filtration


C2.2.4 Filtration

Demo : The life straw

  • Muddy water (or coffee water to show pupils filtration)
  • Life straw (from home)

Experiment: - Filter muddy water


  • 1x Filter paper
  • 1x Funnel
  • 1x Muddy water (or coffee water to show pupils filtration)
  • 1x Conical flask

Learning key terms such as filtrate and residue

Risk assessment:

  • No risk

Risk assessment:

  • Explain absolutly no drinking the filtrate


• Name the filtrate and residue in given situations

• State some situations in which filtering is used

• Draw a labelled diagram of the apparatus needed to filter a solution

• Explain how filtration works

• Describe how to filter a mixture

• Label a diagram of apparatus used for filtration to show where the filtrate and residue are found

• Use particle diagrams to illustrate how filtering works

• Explain whether or not filtering can be used in given situations

• Explain in detail how filtration apparatus can be used to separate salt from a mixture of salt and sand