C2.2.3 Solubility


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Mercury dissolving gold

Dissolving Gold in Mercury.mp4

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C2.2.3 Solubility

Demo : - Solubility of different substances

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Baking powder
  • Chalk
  • Starch
  • Large Beaker

Demo to show different substances have different solubility

Experiment: -

  • 3x Kettle
  • 3 x balances


  • 1x Thermometer
  • 1x beaker (for 100ml of water)
  • 1x Salt supply
  • 1x Stirrer

DEMO Risk assessment:

  • No risk

Risk assessment:

  • Hot water from kettle


• Describe what happens when a solute dissolves

• Describe how temperature affects solubility

• Plan how to find out how much of a solute dissolves at a given temperature, with help

• Explain what a saturated solution is

• Explain the meaning of solubility

• Plan an investigation to compare solubility with temperature, considering variables

• Explain why temperature affects the amount of solute dissolved in a solution

• Explain what a solubility graph shows

• Justify the choice of method chosen to investigate solubility of salt in seawater