Thermal Imaging...

October 22th 2018

Thermal Imaging...

because thermal cameras cost hundreds of pounds, but is a really useful tool in the classroom...

October 22th 2018

This half term...

This half term I decided to blow my savings on a £50 infrared sensor. This was a massive upgrade from a project I did a long time a go producing really poor images with the AMG8833 sensor that produced some results, but you never really new what you were looking at.

For about £50 you can grab the new sensor, MLX90640, the code I modified can be found here

As you can see by the images below, it is a more impressive, and I will be able to engage/teach the pupils in the classroom a lot easier.

It will probably go down a treat in parents evenings too.

The sensor

Cup of coffee

With flame

Giving myself a wave,

but to the right i got excited as this is a cup of coffe (mainly white) moved from the desk.

You can see the warm patch (in red)

Update : 17/02/2019

Finally finished the prototype and made it pupil proof!!!!

Took the ugliest box possible but I am hoping to utilise the extra space inside (raspberry pi zero) so I can include batteries.

When I get round it il change the case maybe add a battery...

WIll be useful to pass around the classroom.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to use these resources.

Although not sure who would read them

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