Apple Scripts...

October 13th 2018

Apple Scripts...

Making me, a teacher, life's easier.

October 13th 2018

The problem -

I wonder if anyone else suffers the same frustration as I do at the start of the year when trying to put my calendar into an electronic device at the start of the year. I have a WeekA and a Week B time table, which is all very good when repeating events I have added in iCal until something happens. HALF TERM!!!!!

Halt term comes along and it means my week A is on my Week B and my week B is now my week A. After adding in 5 period days for 10 different days it takes a lot of time to sort out! Hence my reason to want to automate this process.

My solution

My solution was to use apple scripts. This cunning plan means I can add events into iCAl automatically and add a whole week with a press of a button. I enter my timetable once, set some parameters at the top (which date is Monday? Is it week A or week B?) and then booma whole week is populated.

I have even added a little extra to my code where it will populate the calendar with a direct link to classchartsvery useful as I can click a link and have a view of the class I have at that time. MAGIC!

  • If only apple would sort out scripting for an auto-open .app at this time. That way without touching anything I can have the webpage to my class popup automatically.

I have included a document with the picture in case anyone ever reads these blogs, more importantly I have a back up on the web just in case !!!


Anyone and everyone is welcome to use these resources.

Although not sure who would read them

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