march 24th 2019

Hacking, programming, manipulating google forms. Auto marking / correcting homeworks.

Google forms Quiz homework

After feeling a lot of guilt about not having the time to mark homework and give students feed back that they deserved, I decided to embrace the revolution that @Mayricejquinlan started. The use of google forms...

As the video demonstrates for a student who has an end of module test homework to complete and submit.

The student submits the correct email address, they complete the form and automatically get an email response with a break down of their answers. (This took a fair bit of coding which I talk about below)

Viewing their answers tips and suggestions allows students to go back and correct any mistakes they may have made.

Google forms Video homework

To combine my love of random YouTube Videos and physics, I set out to create another style of homework that is engaging and helps students with concepts that we have studied in class.

As this video demonstrates students can log on and must watch the youtube video. There is always an identifier question that should prove a student has watched the youtube channel. You could argue that students would just swap this information so they did not watch the clip. But so far I have found students enjoy the videos, or they leave homeworks to the night before meaning they do not confer with each other.

The best bit...

As I said the homework marks itself. Emails you (and student) when each student completes it.

Very tempted to eamil parents as well but that maybe in the future.

The code for google scripts is to the left : If there is enough interest Il complete a bulletproof guide to instruct how to do it.

Test it out...

Test it out. with a sample homework.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to use these resources.

Although not sure who would read them

You can contact me via the contact page if you have any questions or feedback.