July 1st 2019

3D Printed Mento Cannon

Just to Amuse myself yet again, playing with a 3D printer, I came up with this idea. Mento cannon + launch mechanism


Building very easy, its just click for the STL file below ...

Once printed very easy to impliment. Stack the mentos in the holder, add a paperclip to stop them falling. Screw device onto a fizzy pop bottle and release when ready.

The science..

Making Lots of Bubbles

After alot of chatter and debate I came to the conclusion that it would be the acid in the bottle that changes the mentos - without this, the reaction is just a physical change. therefore the best answer I can come up with it a process called nucleation.

All the carbon dioxide in the drink will escape naturally with not much help. But adding the mentos is like adding a catalyst. CO2 is drawn to the tiny bumps on the sweet, and like dirt in a champainge glass, will form and become a gas again (nucleation)

"The surface of a Mentos is sprayed with over 40 microscopic layers of liquid sugar. That makes it not only sweet but also covered with lots and lots of nucleation sites."

Because the CO2 wants to escape all at ones a pressure builds up in the liquid that needs to go somewhere, hence the explosion.

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