Bullet proof Guides

Bullet proof guides

A guide to using google sites, google forms, kahoot, and anything else I create to avoid becoming technical support

Google sites

All documents in one place. Connecting to google drives. Drag and drop, I use for this site, so I can roll up on a monday and easily print my resources. Makes working across platform easier.

Google forms

Homework that marks itself. I use it for three types of homeworks, watch a video (and answer a validator question), Muiltiple choice (marks itself) and required practical (students upload a picture of there work)


Step by step how to create a quiz. I have found then incredible useful as a starter (for a quick revision before extended writing assessments) and as plenaries.


Formula that makes creating Physics resources easier.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to use these resources.

Although not sure who would read them

You can contact me via the contact page if you have any questions or feedback.