April 17th 2019

Upgrade on a pingpong ball cannon

The ping pong cannon has been amazing for teaching and learning. Not only to teach about pressure and momentum, newtons laws, but to impress the kids too. I decided a transparent version would go down well in the class room.


Building is so so easy.

1m length of tansparent tubing (found here)

Some care polishing the two edges you do not want a rough edge when you need a vaccum seal.

Next I drilled some holes and using a tap A ⅛” BSPT (taper) (found here) I could thread the hole so I could screw in the valve (found here) and the pressure guage (found here)

Creating the flanges was a little fun without the correct tool. But once I purchased the right drill adapter (found here), I had no problems at all.

These flanges make it so much easier when fitting tape and keeping a tight seal for the vaccuum.

I found the minimum use of tape the faster the ping pong ball.

The bells and whistles

Just for fun I produced a holder. I found buffering it made the cuts transparent making the whole cannon completly transparent.

The finally ...

What made this project all worth while was the fact the light gates shine through the plastic. ! this meant we can measure the speeds!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to use these resources.

Although not sure who would read them

You can contact me via the contact page if you have any questions or feedback.