Bullet proof guides

A guide to using google sites, google forms, kahoot, and anything else I create to avoid becoming technical support

There are too many blogs in the world, and this one is not expected to be read.

This is more for my own record of the projects I have completed. Keeping a record of a few pictures or videos of the results.

Thermal Camera

3D prints to improve the housing of the Thermal Camera

March 30th

Thermal Upgrad

3D prints and Arduino to configure the robot ready for distance time graphs

Janurary 2020

3D printed mentos

3D prints for launching Mentos cannon

Launch a ping pong ball at 490 mph!

July 1st 2019


Vaccuum Cannon!!!

Launch a ping pong ball at 490 mph!

April 17th 2019

Google forms

Homework that auto marks itself - emails student & teacher with the final score : YES PLEASE

March 24th 2019

Physics podcast

The physics teaching podcast..

Me ? a guest? mental!

February 28th 2019

Rubens Tube

Had this for a while, but thought I could make it interactive!

February 20th 2019

The Vaccum Cannon

Wanted to build one for years. luckily the physics teaching podcast did the hard work for me.

February 18th 2019

Teaching sonar...

Mainly when designing lessons about sonar detectors I thought this would be useful for teaching.

December 21st 2018

Thermal Imaging...

because thermal cameras cost hundreds of pounds, but is a really useful tool in the classroom...

October 22th 2018

Apple Scripts...

Making me, a teacher, life's easier.

October 13th 2018

Building a Dry ice free cloud chamber

Because I can...

September 1st 2018

A physics holiday

A blog for a physics holiday

August 17th 2018

Ultimate Nerf

Building a pressurized nerf gun

June 1st 2018