2023-24 Budget Information

Welcome to the 2023-24 Plainville Board of Education Budget Information page.  Here you will find information, presentations, documents, a Question & Answer feature, and more regarding the 2023-24  budget cycle.  

Superintendent's Budgeting Commitments:

We will:

Board Of Education

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Superintendent's Budget Presentations

2023-24 Budget Book

The Plainville Board of Education unanimously approved their 2023-24 budget on February 13th.  A presentation of this budget and how it fits into the overall town budget is scheduled for March 6th at 7:00 PM in the Plainville Municipal Center, Town Council Chambers. That meeting is followed by public comment in the same location, on March 9th. The Plainville Town Council work sessions will be held the following week, where the budget is reviewed and potentially changed. In early April, the Town Council presents, holds public hearing, and finalizes the overall Plainville town budget of which the Board of Education budget is a part. The town budget is voted on at referendum on April 25th.

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2023-24 Board of Education Summary 

2023-24 Board of Education Capital Plan 

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