Gaming for Education Team

$25 per hour (Grades 5-12) - additional siblings enrolled at the same time are half price

Classes run on sat (9-11, 11:30-12:30, 1-2, 2:30-4:30) 5 kids per group

Gaming for Education is a program of Progressive learning Academy. The G4E program focuses on many aspects of the gaming industry providing the team with instruction on and first hand experience in things likes esports, social media management, branding, streaming, short and long form gaming journalism, digital content creation and team management. The team also works to see how games both video and tabletop can be used for educational purposes. Our goal is to build a well rounded, well educated and socially responsible generation of gamers and to help prepare them to enter the many scholastic and career opportunities that are associated with gaming.

One hour option: This option is instruction heavy with limited time for content creation or hands on game exploration. This is a great option for families with a busy schedule or those that want more lesson time and less content creation time or who are simply looking to save some money on team membership.

The two hour option: This option includes both hands on instruction as well as content creation time where students work towards team goals, this may mean testing a new game, writing a review, preparing social media posts or creating a lesson based around a game they have been working with. This option is great if you want your child to have real world practice in all the things they would learn about in the one hour option.

(805) 705 - 0687

Located in the El Centro Bldg. Suite 223