Google Chrome

Apps / Extensions

Key: X= Extension; A = App; O=Add on; B = Built in

Visual Impairments

Tip: Install one extension at a time and trial. Some conflicts have been experienced!

Announcify (X) – – Screen Reader Support that reads items on the screen

High Contrast (X) – Change view of webpages

ChromeVis (X) – Highlight text of webpage – change size / color of text

ChromeVox (X) – Screen Reader Support that reads items on the screen

§ ChromeVox User Guide

Reading Supports

Tip: Install one extension at a time and trial. Some conflicts have been experienced!

Open Dyslexic: (X)- Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help.

Dyselexie: (X)-The Dyslexie font extension allows you to read websites in Dyslexie font.

Read & Write by Text Help (X) – Powerful toolbar inserts into Google Docs and provides an array of supports for reading.

Snapverter by TextHelp (A) – Take a picture of a document with smartphone; covert to accessible PDF.

Speak it (X) – Highlight text and click button to provide text to speech support.

Readability (X) – Streamlines the presentation of web pages for easier reading.

TLDR (X) – Summary of reading material. Provides different level of summary.

Cruxlight (X) - Summary of reading material

Natural Reader (A) – Listen to PDFs, ebooks, and web pages

Evernote Clearly (X) – Reduces visual clutter on screen; allows user to save pages to Evernote account

§ Also available as Firefox add-on

Snap and Read (X) – Highlight any accessible or inaccessible text on screen to get quality text to speech. Also, ability to highlight text and college highlights to Google Docs.

Send to Kindle (X) – Send a document / webpage directly to your Kindle for reading.

Kindle Cloud Reader (A) – Read your books / documents directly in the browser.

dotEPUB (X) – Convert any webpage to an ePub file to read on compatible mobile devices.

Readium (A) – ePub document reader

My EBook Maker (A) – Create your own digital books that can be exported to other compatible mobile devices.

Bookshare Web Reader (X) -For Students with print disabilities, access to an extensive collection of digital books that can be read with text to speech directly in browser.

Newsela (A) – Newsela publishes daily news articles at 5 reading levels from grades 3–12 to drive gains in literacy.

Zoom Text Only (X)- Zoom text without distorting the images

Font Size Increase (X)- With one click on the button the font size on the current page will be increase.

Writing Supports

Tip: Install one extension at a time and trial. Some conflicts have been experienced!

Voice Typing (B)- speech to text built into Google Docs. Found under tools.

Google Docs Speech Recognition (A) -Allows you to speak into Google Docs and have your speech put into text.

Read & Write by Text Help (X) – Powerful toolbar inserts into Google Docs and provides an array of supports for writing.

Ginger (X) – Grammar and spell check support while writing.

Co:Writer Universal (A & X) – Don Johnston’s powerful word prediction tool comes to Chrome!

GrammarBase (X) - Checks grammar, spelling, and style in your browser

PDFZen (A) – Load PDF files then type, highlight or draw directly on the form.

Awesome Screenshot (X) – Capture image from screen; annotate; save to Drive

Notable PDF for Google Drive (A) – Do more with PDF files – View, Annotate, Share and Collaborate

Connected Mind (A) – Brainstorm tool

Gliffy Diagrams (A) – Create flowcharts, brainstorming tool

Dictanote (A) – voice rec. free and pro version (pro= $9.99/yr)

Speech Pad (A) – voice recognition, plus has the ability to transcribe audio

Typing Club (A) – Educational games as typing training

Scrible (E) - full set of annotation tools, “which can help students identify key information and take notes during online research.” It is a popup toolbar which can be used on any website and contains: multicolored highlights, sticky notes, and the ability to underline and alter the color of the website’s text. When using this tool, students also have the ability to create “customized annotation legends and add bookmarks to important pages.” Once the website is annotated, the student can save it for later use.


Tip: Install one extension at a time and trial. Some conflicts have been experienced!

Calculator (A) – Simple electronic calculator for basic computation

g(Math)(O) - is a popular tool for Math students and teachers. It allows you to create robust expressions and graphs that you can insert directly into your Google Doc. Input expressions using LaTeX, select pre-built formulas which gMath will convert to LaTeX for you, draw your own formula, or even speak to insert math equations (in Chrome Only).

Desmos Graphing Calculator (A) – Online graphing calculator

Wizkids CAS (O) - allows teachers and students to harness the power of a graphing calculator in any Google Doc. Students can solve equations, plot graphs, find numerical and exact solutions, simplify and factorize expressions with variables, and drag and drop results and graphs from the sidebar.

GeoGebra (A) – free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

Wolfram Alpha (X)- access an expert on math

Formula Editor (O) - is a simple tool that lets you type and edit mathematical equations in the sidebar of any Google Doc. You can input data using the mathematics input box or by using LaTeX. After you complete your edits, the formula is converted to an image that can be inserted directly into a document.

Learning Tools / Teacher Tools / Classroom Management

Tip: Install one extension at a time and trial. Some conflicts have been experienced!


OneTab (X) – Condense all open tabs into single tab. Open tabs are displayed as a list. Reduces up to 95% of memory.

Simple Highlighter (X) – Highlight, translate, annotate, speech

Google Drive (A) – Productivity suite of tools to support collaboration

Thinkery (A&X) - organize information from the web

myStudent Homework Planner (A) – Organization tool for planning, scheduling, task reminders

Livebinders (A) – Organize, share resources

StayFocusd (X) – Increase productivity by limiting time on websites

Symbaloo (A) – Symbol driven home page to launch favorites

Listly (X) – Copy information from web sites to make your own lists.

Maker Apps

STEM Fuse Educate (A) – instantly accessible standard based curriculum

Soundcloud (A) – Tool to record audio and share via web.

WeVideo (A) – Video editing tool for Chrome

Design Something (A) – Create 3D designs in your Chrome Browser

Lego Builder (A) – Create Lego designs

SOLE 64 (A) – Learn programming

The QR Code Generator (A) – create QR codes to launch websites


Clarisketch – (A) – Narrate photo captures with annotation; others play back video clip. Similar to Explain Everything. NOTE: ONLY WORKS IN CHROME OS

Movenote (A) – Open a Google Doc and embed video directly into file!

Skiblz Cam (X) – Screencast application – no audio (yet!)

Snag It from TechSmith (X) – Screen capture application

Split Screen (X) – Allows you to show two browser windows side by side.

Apps for Common Core (X) – Resource for apps related directly to common core standards.

Ed Puzzle (A) – Allows teacher to build UDL type assignments with video, embedded audio and quizes.

Chromnitweet (X) – Tweet directly from the Omnibox (url window)

Google Dictionary (X) – Reads back to you.

Kaizena (A) - Provide feedback in Google Drive with speech and text

Oh My Tabs! (X) – Save your tabs for future use. Organize open tabs and save sessions

Lucidcharts Diagrams (A)- make flowcharts, mockups, mind maps and more

Mind the Word (E) – learn language as your browse the web

Picto4me (A)- create picture boards

Click-free browsing(X) – Use mouse without clicks or touching the wheel

Scroll to top(X) – scroll to top and vice versa in a window.

Virtual Keyboard (A&X) – on screen virtual keyboard