Upper Academy Announcements


Our Upper Academy students will be closing out the year with a SPLASH (literally!). If you are attending this trip, please report to Sunsplash at 9:30 am to meet your teacher. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME TO UA BEFORE THIS TIME. Attendance will be taken at Sunsplash. Please plan on picking your child up at 2:30 pm from Sunsplash. Transportation is NOT provided for this trip as parents will be dropping off and picking up on their own. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Sutton.

Last Week of School

Next Week is our LAST WEEK! Please note that Monday and Tuesday are REGULAR SCHOOL DAYS. Wednesday is a minimum day and is our trip to Sunsplash.

End of the Year Dance

May 31st

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Placer Academy is having a school dance party for Upper Academy to celebrate the end of the year. This dance is completely casual, so please wear appropriate casual beach themed clothing! It's completely free and we encourage all UA students to come and enjoy the last dance of the 2018/2019 school year!

8th Grade Laser Tag

June 3rd

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Rachel Todd is organizing a Laser Tag night for our 8th graders. Please look for an orange permission slip coming home with your student today to find more information on this optional event.

Spring Attire

The sun has been out much more, and with this change in weather we've seen a change in attire follow the warmer weather. With this we have seen quite a few clothing choices that are questionable within our dress code policies. Please check the policies linked here and check your students outfit choices before leaving the house in the morning. We appreciate your support!

8th Grade Promotion

Please save the date for our 8th Grade Promotion event! This will take place on June 4th at 6:30pm at the Rocklin Event Center. There are no tickets required, however for space we are asking each student to limit their guests to no more than 10. More information will be coming on this event as the planning team meets.

2019/2020 Staffing Updates

Our Upper Academy will be seeing some change in staffing next school year. All of our teacher and staff movement is very positive and we are very excited about the team we have in place for the upcoming year! If you have any questions or would like to know more about our incoming staff members, please contact Mrs. Sutton. We are happy to share!


Cori Williams

Cori has taught middle school math for 10 of her 13 years of teaching experience. She is familiar with the Eureka math curriculum and has a plethora of middle school experience for this role.

Social Studies

Chelsea Brumfield

Prior to coming to Placer Academy Charter school, Chelsea excelled at teaching a Project Based Learning centered Social Studies classroom for middle schoolers. Her creative expertise will be truly be put to use in this role. This will be her 10th year of teaching.

Language Arts

Elysse Versher

Elysse has just moved to this area from the Bay Area. She comes to us with ELA experience across several grade levels. She wrote her dissertation on the use of restorative justice circles. She has been described as a “warm demander”. She is incredibly qualified and eager to start!

Mrs. Allen


Mrs. Allen has made the decision to retire at the end of this school year. She will be sticking around for occasional subbing positions and to introduce our students to a statewide history competition. Mrs. Allen will be greatly missed, but we know this is the best move for her and her family. We support her on this journey.

Mrs. McClain

Moving to 4th Grade

Mrs. McClain will be moving to 4th grade to go back to her love of teaching elementary grades. We are so excited to see her flourish in this position! She is incredibly excited for this upcoming group of 4th graders!

Mrs. Blake

Learning Center

Mrs. Blake has been asked to take the lead on our brand new Learning Center. In this position, Mrs. Blake will be able to put her incredible skills to great use for ALL of our students here at Placer Academy. We cannot even begin to imagine the impact she will have in this position.

Student Spotlight

For our Student Spotlight this week, I'd like to highlight

Jake Summers

Jake has been recognized by Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Jacobson, AND Mrs. Todd for his participation and enthusiasm for Shakespeare! He has been excited to answer and has been going really in depth with his summaries and analysis of the Shakespeare works they are reading.

6th Grade Information

California immunization laws require students receive a Tdap booster prior to entering 7th grade. This immunization can be given anytime after the child's 7th birthday. If your child has already received this booster, please forward a copy of the immunization record to the front office. If your child still needs this vaccination, please anticipate making an appointment with your health care provider as soon as possible to ensure this is received prior to next school year. This booster is in addition to any other immunizations that may be required. Letters will be mailed home in the next few weeks for those students needing other immunizations as well. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact me at jmuller@placeracademy.org.

Thank you,

Jennifer Muller, RN

Credentialed school nurse


Please remember that attendance is taken promptly at 8:25am.

If your child is tardy, you must park and walk your child into the office to sign them in and receive a tardy pass to class.

Ed Code Section 48260 defines a truant as a pupil who has missed more than 30 minutes on three days without valid excuse in one school year. Our goal is to have all children present in school every day and on time. Our school policy is that we may require verification of absences due to illness if your child has missed school for three consecutive days.

Visiting Campus

When visiting campus we require that you check in with the office (D-1) prior to entering any classroom or the MP room. We will have you sign in here and are happy to greet you!


If your child is absent, please call our attendance line at (916) 259-1688 ext. 100 or email Tasha Raddigan at traddigan@placeracademy.org to inform the school before 9:30 am.

Research has shown that regular attendance is vital for the success of children in school. California law states that absences are excused only if the child is ill or there is an excuse which meets the requirements of the California Education Code Section 48205. Even excused absences that cause your child to miss significant amounts of school can cause your child to fall behind in class.