Distance Learning Portal

Welcome, Lions!

The Placer Academy Charter Distance Learning Portal provides a place where students and families can gather assignments and resources for distance learning. PAC's goals during distance learning are to:

  1. Allow students to progress toward academic standards.

  2. Sustain the Placer Academy Charter community through support, connection, and care.

We know that distance learning will not replicate the rich context of our face-to-face classroom experience, with all the nuance of the shared space and interactions. However, using robust technology tools and following some basic guidelines, we can maintain our learning and explore new and interesting modes of education.

Kindergarten and First Grade Distance Hybrid

January DL slides - Allan Wilson


Allan & Wilson

Emerson 1st Grade DL January 2021

First Grade


Fratessa 1st Grade DL January 2021

First Grade


Second and Third Grade Hybrid

2nd grade DL slides 2020-2021

Second Grade


3rd Grade 2020-2021

Third Grade

Fletcher & Green

Fourth & Fifth Grade Hybrid

4th Grade Squad - 2020-2021

Fourth Grade

McClain & Robinson

5th Grade Squad - 2020-2021

Fifth Grade

Alva & McClain

Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade
Full Year Distance Learning Program

K DL Visek



Visek 1st DL slides

First Grade


Visek 2nd DL slides

Second Grade


Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade
Full Year Distance Learning Program and Independent Learning Program Grades K-5

3rd, 4th, 5th DL 2020-2021

Third, Fourth, & Fifth Grade

Mrs. Blake

Independent Learning - Hidden 2020-2021

Independent Learning

Ms. Hidden

Upper Academy Hybrid

6th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

8th Grade