Grading Categories

Your grade will be based on what you are able to do with the language. It is a performance-based grade designed to make certain that you are able to use the language in meaningful ways beyond the classroom.

Your grade will be calculated in the following way:

Assessments are given every 6 at the end of the grading period.

Students prepare for these assessments through their active listening and daily participation in class.

The assessments are performance-based and reflect what students have acquired in the language prior to assessment week.

Therefore, no study guides or vocabulary lists are needed. Students only need to review stories and articles that we have read in class to prepare.

Class stories and articles are posted in Google Classroom for students to review.

If you feel like you need a study guide or vocabulary list, please contact me.

25%: In-class activities / Learning Checks

In- class activities (reading/ listening) and daily quizzes about class conversations and stories count in this category. Since attendance is essential, students receive a daily activity grade that is averaged at the end of the week.

If students miss class, they can complete this activity grade by interacting in the target language by: 1) Reading something comprehensible to you in the target language, 2) Watching a video (like Señor Wooly videos) in the target language that you can understand, or 3) Doing lessons on You need to email Mrs. Heaton an explanation of what you read / viewed / did following your absence to receive the missing points.

The completed make-up in-class activity counts for 9/10 of grade for that day) Why? It is impossible to interact if you are not in class, so the daily in-class activity grade for a missed class period is zero (0).

25%: Interpretative Reading Assessments

This category is a measure of how well you understand written texts on your own.

25%: Interpretative Listening Assessments

This category is a measure of how well you understand spoken texts on your own.

25%: Presentational (Writing / Speaking Assessments)

This category is a measure of your speaking / writing performances during and at the end of the unit.