There’s no better way than reading to inspire life-long acquisition!

Class Library / Novels

"People acquiring a second language have the best chance of success through reading."

Stephen Krashen, linguist, educational researcher.

In class, reading is one of the main sources of Spanish input.

Reading builds comprehension, fluency, and ease with the language. As a result, students will read a lot during the year. In 8th grade, students will participate in Free Choice Reading. They can select reading material from the class library and read for 7-8 minutes.

Additionally, students will study a whole-class novel together. This activity will also facilitate language acquisition.

All readers are strategically written with a manageable number of unique words, making them highly comprehensible to even novice-level students.

Level-appropriate vocabulary is masterfully woven into a compelling story, which inconspicuously provides repeated exposure to key language structures and pleasantly leads students down the path to proficiency. Learners naturally and efficiently acquire authentic language and learn to love reading (in the Target Language) in the process.