Class Goal-Setting

Speaking Spanish - our Wildly Important Goal

Spanish class utilizes Leader in Me values as part of our community. Just as leadership roles are a significant element of our classroom, each student has a Wildly Important Goal (W.I.G.) to understand and speak Spanish. We measure our progress as a class through following our norms and keeping track of them through a compelling scoreboard. Our lead measures for meeting this goal are our class norms (L.I.S.T.E.N.). Our accountability partners are the class leaders who track daily our Spanish minutes and class norms points. At certain times during the quarter, we celebrate our progress through T.A.P. (Preferred Activity Time) days.

T.A.P. (Preferred Activity Time) days:

As we follow our class norms, we will receive points that will accumulate and earn a T.A.P. (Preferred Activity Time / Tiempo de Actividad Preferida) day.

T.A.P. days are NOT free time—we are still acquiring language, but students have more control over the tone and focus of class activities. Students can choose to play a review game, listen to their favorite story again in Spanish, sing their favorite Spanish songs or create another character in Spanish.

Here is how the T.A.P. points are earned: One point is awarded per class period for each norm. However, classes can earn 5 points if everyone uses Spanish for 25 minutes. When the class reaches 80 points, it earns T.A.P. day.

T.A.P. days are a fun, yet integral component of class as students realize the benefits of goal-setting and see that they can achieve their Wildly Important Goal of speaking Spanish.