Parkway has partnered with Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management Solutions to bring an affordable and efficient device protection option to the Parkway ALT Project. The site for this service can be found at and requires parent registration, whether you opt to insure your child's device(s) or not, before they can receive a Chromebook. You can find registration instructions at the following link...

Registering My Account at

Students are expected to show ALT equipment the same care and respect given to any other district property. During the registration process we encourage parents to opt-in for device insurance. The insurance covers the following scenarios:

With your $25 registration fee, the first incident of damage will be covered. Subsequent incidents of damage will include a $25 deductible to cover the cost of the repair. Lost or stolen devices are subject to a $50 deductible to replace the device. Registration is capped at a maximum of $50 per family at a single address. Registering three or more children will reflect a $0 registration fee for any additional children, while still maintaining the same protections to those additional children as those afforded through the first two paid registrations.

Parents who opt-out of insurance will be responsible for the full cost of any repairs or replacement. While we can not accurately predict all replacement parts costs, or their availability from third party vendors at any specific given time, estimated minimum replacement costs will be as follows (please remember the costs could be higher, and in some cases significantly higher, than what is listed below)...

Minimum Estimated Costs