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Summer is Coming!

Don't let SEL slip away!

Resources from the School Mental Health Resource Center can be found HERE!

Let’s Work Together in May!

It is important to ensure our loved ones, friends, networks, and communities are comfortable talking about the topic of mental health on any day of the year, especially this year.

We invite you to join us for Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

MHANYS is a community organization that strives to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities by raising mental health awareness, ending stigma and discrimination, and promoting wellness and recovery.

Let’s work together and make it okay to talk about mental health.

Get started by taking the MHANYS pledge and access our May Toolkit which includes handouts and activities to share and start a conversation about mental health.

Take the Pledge Here!

International SEL Day

Building Bonds, Reimagining Communities

March 26, 2021

Social emotional learning (SEL) changes lives—studies show that SEL improves well-being and academic outcomes, builds positive school climate, and provides children with the necessary skills to excel in today’s workforce. Yet many members of our communities don’t know about SEL yet.

SEL Day is an opportunity to collectively spread the word about the importance and impact of SEL. Working together, we can raise awareness for SEL, bring on new SEL stakeholders, create artifacts that demonstrate SEL in action, share SEL best practices… and more!

Building Bonds, Reimagining Community: SEL Day 2021 will give people around the world the opportunity to showcase the SEL skills they use to build relationships and support their communities.

Make your commitment today to showcase SEL in your community, promote SEL to your personal and professional networks, advocate SEL with your local policymakers, and support SEL in your local schools, organizations and community.

Commit to as many actions as you can—even a single action can make a big difference. We are so excited to see all your great energy coming together collectively to showcase, promote, advocate and support SEL!

Last year, #SELday raised awareness for SEL with two million people in five hundred schools, districts, and organizations across all 50 U.S. states and 35 countries. This year, with your collaboration, we can reach more than 10 million people and impact the lives of millions of children around the globe.

February is Choose Love
Awareness Month!!

Check back each day for a new video or activity posted under ChooseLove!

Orange County has officially proclaimed February as Choose Love Awareness Month!!


During the week of November 9 - 13, we celebrated our first
Kindness Counts Spirit Week!

Students began the week by thanking Port Jervis Staff members for their hard work!

They were also asked to brainstorm Acts of Kindness and add to our district's Virtual Tree of Kindness!

Students reflected on Veteran's Day on the sacrifices and bravery of our community members that have served in the Armed Forces.

We encouraged staff and students to show kindness towards themselves with Self-Care, and we talked about filling up our own cup!

Students finished the week by celebrating World Kindness Day! They were encouraged to engage in simple acts of kindness for their friends, family or teachers!

Virtual Kindness Tree from Mrs. Manaseri & Mrs. Tufano's Class!

Copy of Mrs. Manaseri and Mrs. Tufano's Class Kindness Tree

Virtual Kindness Tree by Ms. Sheehan's Class!

(click through the slides to see all!)

Copy of Ms. Sheehan's Class - Kindness Tree

Cards for our Veterans by Ms. Quiroz Class!

(click through slides to see all!)

Copy of Veteran's Day Poster or Card

For questions or more information about SEL please contact

Mary Eberling
Social Emotional Learning Liaison