Within Driving Distance

Woodstock-@ 30 mins

It was the largest concert ever, featuring Jimi Hendrix, Johnny and Edgar Winter, and several other very influential blues, pop, and rock groups of the time. So in 1969 there was a three day party celebrating peace, love and music. The original site is a short drive from PJ. There is also a museum celebrating that moment in history for you to enjoy. They offer a variety of concerts through out the year.

Bashakill-@ 24 mins

The 3,107-acre property contains the largest freshwater wetland in southeastern New York, and it is also a designated Bird Conservation Area. Its 1,920-acre wetland draws birders. Bald Eagles and Osprey are seen from the access points. The forested uplands that surround the wetland provide peace, so one can enjoy a walk in the woods. There is a oak forest and ponds, fields, marshes, and swamps.

D&H Canal Park-@ 34 mins

A National Historic Landmark that features trails along the D&H Canal towpath This is also home of the Neversink Valley Museum, which features canal era exhibits.

Bushkill Falls-@ 45 mins

Bushkill falls is a trail where you can spend time walking and visiting waterfalls. If you are interested in wildlife and hiking this the perfect. There are different difficulties of trails, where some are longer than others. Also sometimes called the Red Trail, Bushkill Falls attracts several tourists a year