Mr. KB's Current Events Connection


"Know the world, change the world."

This website creates an opportunity for you and your student to connect and share each others' thoughts and opinions on the stories affecting our lives and our world. I hope that you take the time to check in week to week and see what we've been talking about in class, and to engage in further conversation with your student to hear their take on the news. My goal is to create meaningful dialogue between children and adults week after week, and allow us all the chance to be heard. Along these lines, I seek to foster civic awareness and to stimulate democratic thinking in our fifth-graders through these interactions.

As our school's mission statement reads, our faculty has a vision to allow students to "develop the necessary skills, learn the appropriate values, and acquire the habits vital to become responsible academic achievers, and well- rounded decision makers". What better way to do this than by engaging in relevant and substantial talking points in the classroom and at home?