Department of Philosophy

University of Pittsburgh

July 17-23 2022


The Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for Open Doors Philosophy Academy, a week-long program designed to give individuals from groups traditionally underrepresented in academic philosophy a taste of graduate student life as well as various forms of support useful in applying to and flourishing in Ph.D. programs in Philosophy. The program will include seminars taught by Pitt faculty and Pitt PhDs now teaching elsewhere; the forms of support will include graduate student and faculty mentors, as well as workshops designed to help students decide whether, where, and how to apply to Ph.D. programs.


We welcome applications from individuals including (but not limited to) first generation undergraduates and those starting in community colleges; persons of diverse racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds; individuals with disabilities; women, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Though we are primarily interested in students who are majoring or have majored in Philosophy and who have not yet been admitted to a Ph.D. program, we will consider non-majors who have significant experience in philosophy. Each application will be considered on a holistic and case-by-case basis.


The application (no fee) is due March 15, 2022. It consists in:
(1) a
(2) a
letter of recommendation from a philosopher with whom you have taken a course, preferably someone willing to mentor you in the next year or two;
(3) a formal
writing sample (no more than 2000 words) on a philosophical topic, possibly something written for a class; and
an informal writing sample (no more than 1000 words), which may be either (a) about yourself, your experiences (especially those likely to shape your contributions to philosophical discussion), and what you hope to get from studying philosophy; or (b) a brief account of a philosophical problem that really grabs you, together with some account of how and why it matters to you.

Those who attend will receive a $600 stipend; and (assuming we are able to meet in-person) reimbursement (up to $500) for travel, plus room and board for the week.

Questions? Email us.

Faculty Speakers

Japa Pallikathayil

Ann Cudd

Brandon Hogan

Paul Harper

Sara Magrin

Lynne Tirrell

Jennifer Whiting

Tommie Shelby

Kate Stanton