Third Grade with Mrs. Hoh

You are never alone as long as you have a book with you.

All About Me

I have been teaching since I was able to walk, my poor brother can attest to that! I have taught in Pitman since 2002. My accent will not tell you where I have lived, it's a combination of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and New Jersey. I love books, especially children's picture books and historical fiction. I also believe that the more books you put in students' hands the better teacher you are because everyone learns so much from reading.

One of my class rules is that you have to have fun in my class. You also need to feel safe. After that the sky is the limit. I welcome visitors in my classroom to share a book, a science experiment or class celebration.

In my class you might find us dancing, doing yoga, creating a collaborative poster, modeling arrays with Legos, or publishing our many writer's notebook pieces. Since writer's write best about what they know, we write about our pets, little siblings, a special moment, and later learn how to write a convincing persuasive paper. It's fun to select someone famous to research. We can use Google Classroom to research. One of the best things about teaching is reading some of the creative pieces the students come up with. We usually end our year with a Wax Museum experience and invite other classes and our families.

Contact Information

Please contact me at or leave a message in my voice mail box at 856-589-1316


You will find your child's homework and any notes pertaining to it in their assignment books. I sign them every day before the students leave. Please check over it and sign it daily.

Friday Folders

Most Fridays I send a yellow folder that has graded papers for you to see in their yellow folders. Also, you will find a paper to fill out with your child that tells about their week, and has a space for you to write me any notes. Send it back in each Monday with all of the papers.