Welcome to

Mrs. Pierson's Resource Center

at Walls School

I am looking forward to an exciting school year!

Welcome to the Resource Center for the Intermediate Grades

I am looking forward to working with your child throughout the fourth and fifth grade years. The Resource Center will provide the replacement instruction for reading, language arts, and math or support for mainstreamed classes as outlined in your child's IEP. Thank you in advance for the support and assistance provided at home to help your child meet success. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns:

phone (before or after school): 589-1316

e-mail: mpierson@pitman.k12.nj.us


Mrs. Pierson .

Class Rules

Each September, we start off the school year writing a set of rules to help us learn and work together. Below, you will find the rules our class felt were most important to allow each of us to shine.

1. Sit up and listen carefully during lessons.

2. Follow directions.

3. Work quietly.

4. Respect others. (Be kind with your words and actions.)

5. Respect school and personal property.

6. Work and play safely.

7. Try your best.

8. Have a positive attitude.

Helpful Hints

1. Student Planner: Each fourth and fifth grade student is given a student planner (homework book) to write down daily assignments, upcoming tests, or other important dates and events. I ask that the parents sign homework books each night after the children have shown you their completed assignments, if possible. This is a great way for the parents and myself to communicate with short notes and for the parents to be aware of the skills we are currently working on in school.

2. Homework: The students should be able to complete most homework assignments independently. Feel free to provide support and guidance as needed, but do not allow your child or yourself to reach the point of frustration. Sometimes, the child will appear to have understood a skill or concept in class, but gets confused when doing it at home. Please have your child stop the assignment at that point, write a short note on the homework page or in the homework book, and we will be sure to go over that skill again the next day.

3. Studying for a test: Fourth and fifth grade students are just beginning to learn how to study. Your child will need your guidance, encouragement, and support to study for tests. Try to encourage the children to study a little each night. The children will find they have better success in class with a little extra practice at home.

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