Mr. Smith

Pitman Middle School

Mathematics Department

856-589-0636 (Extension: 2212)

Mission Statement:

It is my mission to further develop my students mathematical skills. I will challenge them to become better mathematical thinkers and better problem solvers. We will work together to prepare them for college level mathematics. My students are expected to come to class on time and prepared, take notes, work in small groups, do presentations and complete all assignments. It is my goal to provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed at the next level.

Academic Background

  • Pitman High School class of 1992
  • BA in Mathematics from Rowan University


  • Collingswood Middle School (7th Grade)- (1 year)
  • Pitman Middle School (8th Grade) (10 years)
  • Pitman High School- Math Department (5 years)
  • Elementary School Basic Skills Teacher (2 years)
  • Assistant Basketball Coach (Pitman) (12 years)

Grading Policy

The weighting below is my grading policy for all courses taught.

  • Daily Assignments (Homework/ Classwork)- 30%
  • Minor Assignments (Quizzes and Group Work)- 30%
  • Major Assignments (Tests and Projects)- 40%

Access my grade:

Courses Taught (2017)

  • Math 7
  • Math 8- *Pre-Algebra