Mr. Hare

  • Basic Skills Department: Mathematics
  • 856-589-0636 (Ext: 2718)


I received a BA in Graphic Design from West Chester University in 1984, and returned a decade later for a degree in Elementary Education. Most of my education, however, has come from books and direct experience. As I see it, a curious mind, the internet, and a library card are pretty much all you need to get yourself a world-class education - a nobody else can do it for you.


I'm a 19-year teaching veteran, with the gray hair to prove it. I've taught everything from reading and writing to art and drama; these days I specialize in History, Science, and Math. Prior to my teaching days, I was a graphic designer and writer. I love teaching! It allows me to dabble in a lot of my favorite areas, and to pass on my skills and knowledge to others.


I grew up outside of Southwest Philadelphia, and spent much of my early childhood at the Jersey shore. My most cherished memories are all connected to my grandmother and Walt Disney (the man, not the corporation). My grandmother frequently took me to see Disney classics in those wonderfully big, old, moldy, sea-salty and popcorn-salty theaters on the Ocean City boardwalk during the summers, and every Sunday night was dedicated to watching Walt Disney (the actual man!) on tv from rug-level, on The Wonderful World of Disney.

My very favorite memory, not surprisingly, was seeing Mary Poppins on the Ocean City boardwalk with my grandmother when I was about 10 years old. If memory serves, it was just us two. Grand mom used to do that quite often. She had 6 grandchildren all told, but she took the time to treat us all as individuals.

That evening determined the course of my life, and the career I was to choose.

More to come...