Mrs. Giorgianni's Second Grade Class

All About Me:

My name is Dana Giorgianni and I teach second grade at Walls School. I've been teaching in Pitman since 2001. I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education in the spring of 2001. Luckily, I found a job right away and have been here ever since. I live in Mickleton with my husband, Ron and our two children, Sofia and Dante. I enjoy watching my kids play sports, going on vacation, reading and spending time with friends.

My favorites:

Sport: Baseball

  • Book: A Chair for My Mother
  • Food: Sushi
  • TV show: Dancing with the Stars
  • Movie: While You Were Sleeping
  • Color: Purple

Store: Target

Restaurant: Ruby Tuesday's

Second Grade Specials:

Monday: Music 11:05-11:45

Tuesday: Spanish 8:45-9:25

Wednesday: Art 12:40-1:20

Thursday: P.E. 1:25-2:05

Friday: Computers 8:45-9:25

Welcome to Second Grade:

Second Grade is a very exciting and interesting year, as your child will learn many new things. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Homework Policy:
  • Students will have homework every night except for Friday. They will also have projects and tests throughout the year that you will be notified of ahead of time. They will be bringing home a homework folder every night. Inside, there will be a homework assignment book that they write their homework in each night. Please check this folder daily.
  • Lunch:
  • Each child has a lunch pin if they are purchasing lunch. Our choices for lunch are Hot, Peanut butter and Jelly, Bagel, or Hot Dog. Lunch money or ice cream money can be handed in on any given day of the week.
  • Birthdays:
  • We celebrate birthdays in second grade with a treat. You may send in the treat of your child's choice on the day that we are celebrating their birthdays. Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year. You will be notified of the day your child will be celebrating.
  • Discipline:
  1. We have a few forms of discipline in second grade. As a class, we have a marble jar. Each time the class does something good, they are rewarded with marbles, which will result in a movie/snack of their choice.
  2. The behavior chart has each child's name on a clothespin. During the day, they can move up or down depending on their behavior. They all start at Green (Ready to Learn), and then can move up to Yellow (Good Day), Orange (Great Job) or Red (Outstanding). They can also move down to Blue (Think About It), Purple (Teacher's Choice) or Pink (Parent Contact).
  3. Great Day Awards are earned by reaching a certain color on the behavior chart. If they are on green, it's one ticket. If they are on yellow/orange, it's two tickets. If they are on red, it's three tickets and they can save them up to "Cash In" for various prizes. If they land on blue or below, they don't earn any Great Day Awards for the day.
  4. The "Caught Being Good" prize board is used when students do something on their own that is outstanding or stands out to the teacher. For example, picking up a friend's pencil, doing things without being asked, or for just listening can result in them earning a caught being good slip. At the end of the week, they can choose a prize from the prize board if their slip gets picked out of the container.

Contact Information:

If you need to reach me, please email me at or call me at 856-589-1316. Also, you can reach me through the app Remind. If you haven't done so, text 81010 with the message @368c22 and you'll be able to join our class!

Second Grade Supplies:

1-plastic pencil box-about 10 inches

2-packs of pencils

1-box of crayons


3-composition books

1-mini composition book/notepad

2-packs of glue sticks

1-pair of scissors

1-pack of post-it notes

1-pair of headphones or earbuds


1-pack each of addition/subtraction flash cards

2-boxes of tissues

2-dry erase markers

1-sock for erasing

2-containers of Clorox wipes

Teacher Wishlist:

*These things are not necessary but always greatly appreciated!

character bandaids



paper towels




plastic utensils

volunteers to read, do crafts or a fun activity with the class

Second Grade Curriculum:

Math: My Math by McGraw Hill

Reader's Workshop/Writer's Workshop: Units of Study by Lucy Calkins

Fundations: Fundations by Wilson Language Basics

Guided Reading: Mentor Texts by Various Authors. Students are grouped by the program Fountas and Pinnell, which levels them by their reading ability.

Science: Mystery Science

Social Studies: Making a Difference by Harcourt Brace