Mrs. Rowan

Grade Setup:

  • Daily grades- 30%
  • Minor grades- 30%
  • Major grades- 40%

Late assignments will not receive full credit. The teacher will determine this on a case-by-case basis. Accommodations will be made for students who have been absent due to illness. Students are responsible for getting and completing make up work when they have been absent; this includes absences due to field trips. Students who miss school due to a vacation or another prior arrangement please notify me at least one week before the absence if you would like the work you will miss prior to the absence. All late work is due by the assigned date at the end of each marking period.

Quarterly Projects:

  • Each marking period, students are responsible for completing four RW Menu assignments of his/ her choice, as well as two to three writing assignments.
  • Each RW Menu item and each writing assignment is weighted as a major grade.
  • Ample class time is given to complete the assignments above, though assignments may need to be completed as homework if more time is needed.

Quarterly Writing Assignments:

  • The type of writing assignments vary each marking period/ unit.
  • Students are given clear directions and class time to work on brainstorming, rough drafts, and final drafts. If needed, students may work on the writing assignments as homework as due dates approach.
  • Students receive one-on-one time with teacher during workshop classes. Writer’s Workshop folders remain in the classroom at all times. Students may remove pages from the folder to take home if needed.