Pitman Elementary Guidance

Dr. Erica Davidson

Pitman Elementary Guidance

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Dr. Erica Davidson has been at the Pitman School District since nineteen ninety four, both as a teacher and guidance counselor. She has enjoyed teaching both Math and Science at PMS prior to transitioning to PHS to work in the Guidance Department. In 2014, she returned to work with our Pitman Middle School students. Moving in 2015, to continue work with Pitman Elementary Students until the present time. She works with Mrs. Walsh who is also a Pitman Elementary Guidance counselor at Walls/Kindle. It has been an exciting journey and a wonderful opportunity to work with Pitman students across different age levels and buildings. Dr.Davidson holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and two masters degrees in Student Personnel Services and Education Administration. She is an active member of the American School Counselor Association and the Gloucester County Counselor Professional Association on a local level. In addition to her elementary caseload, she coordinates a variety of activities. She enjoys working to meet the social, academic and emotional needs of students in the Pitman School District.


Dr.Davidson is a guidance counselor for Pitman Elementary Schools. She greatly enjoys her work with students and works to help them meet their social, emotional and academic needs throughout the school year. Prior to working in Pitman she has a variety of experiences that influenced her to work in the field of education with students. She taught conversation English to doctors and nurses in Poland to working with students in the classroom. In addition to other activities and her love of travel that brought her to the field of education. Dr.Davidson is married to educator/administrator Dr.Guy Davidson. They have a daughter and reside in Gloucester Township.