Welcome to

Mrs. Covely's

4th Grade!!

4th Grade is the absolute best grade ever!! Lots of changes from the primary grades are happening here ~ we have more responsibility and independence! It's a wonderful, amazing year of learning!!

This year, we will be reading some great novels and stories as well as becoming phenomenal writers! Math skills will expand and we'll be impressing everyone with our knowledge of various strategies!! We will also discover much about the state of New Jersey as well as become great scientists. Some of the technology that we will be using daily are the Smartboard, a document camera, hand-held scanner, and Chromebooks; in no time, everyone will be a computer wiz! We can also share our class website with friends and family where some of our work will be displayed!

Some extra-exciting things about fourth grade:

~Mrs. Covely & Mrs. Pramov teach everyone!

*Mrs. Pramov teaches Science and Mrs. Covely teaches Social Studies to all fourth graders;

*McGraw-Hill My Math is the program we will be using;

*ELA consist of Guided Reading groups, Writer's and Reader's Workshop, and Word Study

~ Band starts this year with Mrs. Vidal;

~Teams are formed to earn team points through Cooperative Learning activities for prizes every few weeks;

~Projects outside the classroom: Rowan College of Gloucester County Endangered Species Science Project with college students and virtual field trips;

~We love to celebrate birthdays...please let me know ahead :D

Remember...Fourth Graders are AWESOME!!

Thanks for visiting our website! Please feel free to contact me anytime at mcovely@pitman.k12.nj.us

~Mrs. Covely