Welcome to Mr. Cieslak's 4th Grade ELA Class! This site contains all the resources you will need to have a fun and successful fourth grade year.

What's Happening in ELA?


Writer's Workshop

      • Develop an argument "for" or "against" using evidence gathered from articles and jigsaw groups.
      • Review elements of opinion (persuasive, argumentative) writing.
      • Begin drafting opinion writing about sled dogs being used in the Iditarod.

Word Study

      • Group 1: Contract and test on Fri. 3/15. New list of words on 3/18.
      • Group 2: Contract and test on Mon. 3/18. New list of words on 3/19.
      • Group 3: Contract and test on Tues. 3/19. New list of words on 3/21.
      • Group 4: New list of words on 3/14. Contract and test on Thurs. 3/21 .
  • Iditarod vocabulary words introduced on 3/4, quiz rescheduled for 3/22.
  • Grammar skill: review relative pronouns (who, whom, that, which, when, where), ordering adjectives, prepositions, and prepositional phrases

Reader's Workshop

      • Take a quick assessment on descriptive/chronological text structure.
      • Review cause/effect nonfiction text structure.
      • Color code Newsela online articles, looking for evidence of cause/effect text structure.

Guided Reading/Literacy Centers

      • Completing Daily Practice (Daily Language & Comprehension Week 21; Compare/contrast information; making inferences)
      • Focus on main idea and details to write informational summaries about bears, bison, and moose ("Animal Circles" informational writing).

* Reader response due Thurs., Mar. 14!