Welcome to Mr. Cieslak's 4th Grade ELA Class! This site contains all the resources you will need to have a fun and successful fourth grade year.

What's Happening in ELA?

Week of 10/15/18

Writer's Workshop

      • Peer editing of personal narratives
      • Work on descriptive writing: "Monster Writing"
      • Begin realistic fiction writing unit (generating ideas)

Word Study

      • Group 1: Test on 10/19.
      • Group 2: Test on 10/22.
      • Group 3: Test on 10/23.
      • Group 4: Test on 10/16. Receive new list of words on 10/18

Grammar Lesson: Grammar Review of Types of sentences, subjects and predicates, and run-on sentences/sentence fragments (Quiz on Wed., Oct. 24)

*Vocabulary Test on Week 3 Vocabulary words-10/17 (Week 4 Vocabulary words introduced)*

Reader's Workshop

      • Describe how a character can be complex (having certain traits that contrast).
      • Back up ideas about characters using evidence from the text.
      • Read aloud next few chapters in our whole class novel, The Tiger Rising.

Guided Reading/Literacy Centers

      • Completing Daily Practice (Daily Language & Comprehension Week 5)-Determining Important Information
      • Using the RACE strategy to answer an extended response question based on a story.
      • Guided reading and literacy centers (Reading independently, RAZ Kids, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension)

* Reader Response due Thursday, 10/18.