Welcome to Mr. Cieslak's 4th Grade ELA Class! This site contains all the resources you will need to have a fun and successful fourth grade year.

What's Happening in ELA?

Week of 5/21/18

Writer's Workshop

    • Viewing examples of informational chapter books.
    • Taking notes to write a brief overview of the American Revolution.

Word Study

Group 1: Test on Wed. 4/23

Group 2: Test on Thurs. 4/24

Group 3: Test on Mon. 4/25

Group 4: Test on Wed. 4/27

Reader's Workshop

    • Discussing the American Revolution

Guided Reading/Literacy Centers

    • No more RESPONSE LETTERS! :)
    • Reading and answering open-ended question using RACE strategy
    • Working with guided reading groups
    • Conducting end-of-year reading benchmark assessments