MMS Speech & Debate

the march 21st tournament location has changed! the tournament will now take place at plano senior high school. please check out the tournament schedule in the calendar tab for directions.

to see award results from the 2019 haggard ms speech & debate tournament, click HERE

Spring Public Forum Debate Topic

Resolved: NCAA student athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the Digital Home of the 2019-2020 Speech & Debate Team of Murphy Middle School!

I am incredibly honored to be coaching a team that has a reputation for excellence. The team is open to all MMS students 6-8 grade. Below is a brief run-down of the purpose of the team and how often/when we meet. More information can be found by selecting from the menu options at the top of the page.

Purpose of the Team:

The Murphy team competes against other middle school teams in PISD in district-sponsored tournaments four times a year. Speech tournaments occur on select Saturdays (Schedule here) from 7:30am-6:30pm.

Students can advance through 3 different rounds of competition and receive awards for outstanding performances. Students may choose from a variety of oral interpretation events, public speaking events, and debate (HERE)

Team Meetings/Practices:

We will have bi-weekly team meetings on Fridays from 3:30-4:30, which serve two functions:

  1. Informational-Any information/forms/breaking team news will be distributed at meetings.
  2. Practical- Once the informational portion of the meeting has been concluded, students will have the remainder of the meeting period to rehearse, research, plan, etc. This is a time for students to collaborate with group members and partners, and to use team resources to improve their events. Furthermore, certain event groups will have an opportunity to work with me and one another at select meetings, as denoted by the calendar (ex. Extemp Meet-up will appear on the calendar at the same time as a general meeting, which means after the info portion of the meeting has concluded, I will work with extemp students for the rest of practice.)


Students are encouraged to sign-up for work sessions with me before or after school. All students must be academically eligible to participate in speech tournaments. All pieces/performances must be approved by Mrs. Norris prior to tournament. If your child is unable to make scheduled practice times, he/she must set up an appointment with me to get the selections and material approved. If the pieces has not been approved by the deadline, students may be dropped from the event in question (for more guidelines, click HERE).

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to a wonderful tournament season!


Candace Norris, M.Ed.

Speech and Debate Coach

Murphy Middle School