Teaching Tips

SBCC Faculty Teaching Tips

SBCC Teaching & Learning Tips Database (Not Technology-based) - This list of tips submitted by our faculty does not necessarily include tips about using technology to teach.

SBCC Faculty Teaching Tips (Technology-based) - The following teaching tips are specific examples of innovative uses of technology that our faculty members employ to improve student learning in on-campus or online courses.

  • Dr. Jennifer Bernstein, Geography Department

Require students post before seeing replies of other students

Provide clear discussion rubric

Automate reminders for students to post their comments

  • Lynette Williamson, Health Information Technology Department

Setting up an Interactive Multi-Modal Discussion Board in Canvas

  • Dr. Matthew Mooney, History Department

Using Technology to Explore Students Understanding of Historical Questions

  • Dr. Michael Robinson, Geography Department

Using Clickers to Assess Students Understanding during Lecture

  • Duane Erdman, Physical Education

Instructions for Preparing Students to Submit Videos to Youtube

  • Dr. Patrick O'Brien, Sociology Department

A set of strategies for developing community in online classes

  • Jon Bek, Computer Information Systems Department

Strategy for Instilling Deeper Thinking of Course Content

Strategy for Increasing the Depth of Student Learning - C1B1T1