CFR Members and Minutes

Committee on Faculty Resource Members 2018-2019

Chair: Elizabeth Imhof, Faculty Professional Development /Faculty Resource Center

Academic Senate Liaison (non-voting) Laurie Vasquez /Educational Support


Business Education Division- No representative

Educational Support Division - Elizabeth Bowman

English/English Skills Division- Denise Bacchus

Fine Arts Division- Stephanie Washburn & Stephanie Dotson

Health and Human Services Division - Sarah Orr

Mathematics Division- Jennifer Loftus

Modern Languages/ESL Division - No representative

Physical Education/Athletics Division - No representative

Sciences Division - Juan Carrera Espinoza & Jennifer Maupin

Social Science Division - Justina Buller & Tara Carter

Technologies Division - No representative

Educational Programs Dean Liaison (non-voting) - Kenley Neufeld

Membership requirements from bylaws

1 LSS/LRC Director

1 Library Director (or designee)

1 LRC Supervisor

11 Faculty (1 from each division)

4 Faculty at large (no more than a total of 3 from any one division)

Resource - Anita Cole, Senate

Committee minutes (archived to 2012)