Pinnacle REI Group

We want to find honest, dependable people to buy our homes.

Help find those people and earn up to $300!

We are flexible with monthly payments, down payments (typically a few thousand dollars), interest rates, and even the purchase price.

If you’re unable to meet the listed down payment, we can still accept your offer by charging a slightly higher monthly payment until some equity is accumulated. Similarly, if the monthly payment is slightly out of your budget it can be reduced if you are able to contribute a larger down payment.

With Pinnacle REI Group, we can drop your monthly payment by $25/month for each additional $1,000 you pay toward your principal! Nobody is as flexible as us. So if you sell that boat or car, or you just received your tax check in the mail, let it help you lower your house payment.

We can close in days, not weeks or months!

As if that wasn't convenient enough, we have 20 YEARS of construction experience and a General Contractor’s license. With an adequate down payment, we can even customize the house before you move in!

We understand the needs of today's buyers. Banks went from practically throwing money to customers to establishing unrealistic requirements for loan approvals. That's where we come in. We find great people with decent credit, get them into a nice, clean home for a few years, and help them build enough credit to meet the bank’s requirements. Then our customers are able to refinance their home through a bank and take advantage of the low mortgage rates to drop their monthly payments. Showing a bank 12 months of on-time home payments under a written contract to purchase is a great way to help your loan approval.

We have several homes in the area that are for sale on contract or with your own financing. If you already have a pre-approval and are able to get bank financing, call us anyway. If one of the many homes we offer doesn't meet your needs, we can find one that better suits you and your family from the extensive list of area homes on the Multiple Listing Service for FREE.


The process to buy a home on contract is simple:

  1. Browse our listings and find a home with the size, area, and price that you’re looking for. If you can get bank financing we’ll also search the MLS at no cost to you.
  2. Call us at (800) 604-8029 to view the property.
  3. If the property will fit your needs we will provide you with a contract to review.
  4. If you are comfortable with the contract, the down payment the first month’s rent will be due upon signing.
  5. Move in!