Welcome to Mr. Guilford's Middle School Social Studies

My email address is: mguilford@pinnacleclassicalacademy.com

Hello Pinnacle Classical Academy students and parents.

I am very excited to be part of the PCA family this semester to teach middle school Social Studies, American History and World History.

I grew up in Dothan, AL. I am studying History at the University of Troy, and will graduate with my Bachelors in History in May of this year. I am new to the area of Shelby.

I have a deep passion for the subject of History as I see it as an important and needed window into why the exists as it does today and how we got here. I believe that when one learns and studies History they gain a better and more nuanced view on life and those around them.

I look forward to deepening both my knowledge and the knowledge of my students who in my eyes are developing scholars who will improve the world as they grow into intelligent and mature adults.

Should you need to contact me do not hesitate to email me as I will try to reply to you as quickly as possible.