Miss Mosteller's Class!

Week of December 5-9


This week students will learn the sound and letter shapes for Vicky Violet, Walter Walrus, and Fix-it-Max. Students will also blend to make words using the “ve” spelling at the end (ex. have, give, live). We will continue reading from the “Sam” readers. A paper copy of each story will be sent home for your child to practice reading at home.

Sight Words:

Please practice sight words with your child each night. Our Soccer Ball Word Assessment will be on Tuesday, December 6th. If your child has not yet mastered their Baseball Words, please continue to work on them.

Listening & Learning:

We will continue Domain 4: Plants. This week students will learn about deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Students will also learn about plants and people, as well as George Washington Carver. Please use the information sheet that has been sent home to help your child review, as well as reading the sections on plants in your copy of “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know.” Our Domain 4 Assessment will be on Monday, December 12th.


We will begin Unit 4: Addition and Subtraction. This week students will be introduced to the plus sign and the equal sign as a way to represent the joining together of two groups of objects into a single group. Students will use connecting cubes and drawings as models to show adding two groups.


This week we will continue to practice informative writing, as well as, capitalizing the first letter in a sentence, putting spaces between words, and ending each sentence with punctuation.


You will find your child’s i-Ready login card taped to the inside of their homework folder.

i-Ready uses your child’s diagnostic assessment to create lessons specifically for them. Students will complete lessons at school and at home. The login card will allow your child to work on these lessons at home. We are asking that you allow your child to spend 20 minutes a week working on these lessons. If you have any questions, please let us know.

R.E.D Folders

Your child should read the book in their R.E.D Folder EACH night. When you feel like your child can read the book fluently, please sign the reading log and send the folder and book back to school.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

December 5th- PEAK Luncheon for Staff—the Gym will not be open for lunch with parents on this day.

December 5th-16th- Winter i-Ready Reading and Math Diagnostic

December 16th- Letterland Character Day!--In Celebration of learning ALL of our Letterland characters we will be having our very own Kindergarten Letterland Character Day! All students may dress up as their FAVORITE Letterland character! We will also parade the halls for this celebration!

December 19th- Ugly Christmas Sweater Day with uniform bottoms

December 20th-January 2nd- Winter Break- No School

January 3rd- Teacher Work Day- No School

January 6th- Report Cards go home

Important Information

  • MORNING SNACK: In order to help students avoid confusing lunch and snack items, please place a morning snack in the small front zipper pocket of your child’s backpack (instead of in his/her lunchbox with lunch items). Please show your child where to find his/her morning snack.

  • We have also found that reusable water bottles are less likely to spill and much easier for your child to identify. Please send a labeled reusable water bottle with your child each day!

  • Have students ready in the morning with backpacks and lunchboxes ready to exit the vehicle on the driver's side to the sidewalk.

Uniform Reminders

Student uniforms (other than scooters and dresses) require a solid black belt (or the approved plaid belt for girls). Please remind and practice the following steps with your child:

1. After using the bathroom, TUCK the shirt into your shorts/pants first.

2. Zip and button shorts/pants after tucking the shirt in all the way around.

3. Buckle your belt last. Thank you so much for your support!

Copy of School Icons Spirit Night Poster (Flyer (Portrait)).pdf

Spirit Week.pdf