Mrs. Barnes - 4th Grade

Upcoming Events at PCA:

-Thursday, February 21 - BOOSTERTON FUN RUN!

-February 22 - NO SCHOOL for students due to Parent/Teacher Conference for Quarter 3.

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On Monday, February 11, we begin Unit 6 in our Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum: Geology. (we are bypassing Unit 5 for the time being due to the 4th grade standards in Unit 6 that need to be taught first) The "Big Idea" of this unit is that the earth is composed of layers that, through heat and pressure, cause movements that result in geological features above and below the earth's surface. Tectonic plate theory explains how mountains, volcanoes, and trenches are created on land and under the sea. Information about the rock cycle, weathering, and erosion also explains how the earth is continually changing. This unit explores the relationships between the different geological processes and how they affect the landscape and related environments of the earth.

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