Ms. Fulton's Español

¡Bienvenidos a mi página! Welcome to my page! I am exited to be teaching Spanish this year at Pinnacle! Please don't be intimidated and scared about learning a foreign language. I like to say it this way; we all speak the exact same language. Don't think of Spanish as a foreign language. In fact, it's not foreign at all. You talk about the exact same things as everyone else say, in Costa Rica or Ecuador. We as humans all have the same language. We just have different words for the same things. So, don't think of it as learning a foreign language. Think of it as simply adding to the language you already know...just expanding. It's really easy to do this when you are an English speaker learning to speak (and read and write) Spanish. Why? Because thanks to Latin, English and Spanish share many, many words. In fact some words are exactly the same. Examples: control, ego, patio, taco, legal, manual, etc. Also, many words that you will learn in Spanish, we have in some way in English. Again, thanks to that Latin! For example, if I tell you the Spanish word for "throat" it looks and sounds really foreign and weird. "Throat" in Spanish is garganta. Foreign, right? Not really. You already know a word that is used all the time in the English language...especially when you have a sore throat. Ready? The word is "gargle". Think about it. This occurs many, many times as you learn the language. You will learn that many of the roots and origins of the Spanish words are already used, in some form, in English. Other examples are the Spanish words for "moon" and "sun". The words are luna and sol . We already have these words in English in the words "lunar" and "solar". See? You had no idea that you already knew so much Spanish! But it's those verbs that get you! Conjugate, conjugate! Spanish verbs can be scary at first. But don't worry! All it takes is practice, and soon those Spanish verbs will make just as much since as your English class! I will be adding links and materials to my page so please check back for more cool Spanish stuff!

alquilar un DVD to rent a DVD

andar en patineta to skateboard

aprender el español to learn Spanish

beber to drink

comer to eat

comprar to buy

correr to run

descansar to rest

dibujar to draw

escribir correos electrónicos to write e-mails

escuchar música to listen to music

estudiar to study

hablar por teléfono to talk on the phone

hacer la tarea to do homework

jugar al fútbol to play soccer

leer un libro to read a book

mirar la televisión to watch television

montar en bicicleta to ride a bike

pasar un rato con los amigos to spend time with friends

pasear to go for a walk

practicar deportes to practice / play sports

preparar la comida to prepare food/a meal

tocar la guitarra to play the guitar

trabajar to work

Snack Foods and Beverages

el agua (fem.) water

la fruta fruit

la galleta cookie

el helado ice cream

el jugo juice

las papas fritas French fries

la pizza pizza

el refresco soft drink

Say What You Like and Don’t Like to Do

¿Qué te gusta hacer? What do you like to do?

¿Te gusta...? Do you like . . . ?

Me gusta... I like . . .

No me gusta... I don’t like . . .

Other Words and Phrases

la actividad activity

antes de before

después (de) afterward, after

la escuela school

más more

o or

pero but

también also