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The arts are a central feature of virtually all societies throughout history. There are multiple ways of understanding and interpreting the human condition. The study and practice of the Fine Arts provide an important means for such understanding. Through artistic practice, students gain an awareness of the richness of human culture and ways in which a society’s values, aspirations, and ideals are communicated. Through the practice of the arts, students will acquire skills, values, behaviors, and knowledge that are essential for success in any field within our diverse and rapidly changing society. Students in the Fine Arts aspire to use their knowledge, skills, talents and abilities to improve the human condition.

Fine Arts Students of the Month


Nathaniel Polyukhovich  has a strong sense of creativity, artistic vision and promise. His potential in the arts is fantastic. He spends many hours outside of school practicing and refining his Adobe Photoshop skills. 


 Felix Ostman is student of the month because of his exceptional passion and fast technical progress. He is extremely dedicated and serious about his work.


Gweneth Chandler plays trombone and has set a great example with her commendable work ethic and her kindness toward others. She has (on her own accord) been working with a new student and teaching him during her study.
Through her own practicing and hard work, she has greatly improved as a player during the past year. 


Emma Cahoon is a valuable member of the F period Intro to Theatre class. While working to improve her own skills she also offers strong suggestions to her fellow performers to encourage them toward improvement. She is thoughtful in reflection and a leader in group work. 

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Brett Gottheimer, Fine Arts Department Head