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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Mission

The arts are a central feature of virtually all societies throughout history. There are multiple ways of understanding and interpreting the human condition and the study and practice of the Fine Arts provide an important means for such understanding. Through artistic practice, students gain an awareness of the richness of human culture and ways in which a society’s values, aspirations, and ideals are communicated. Through the practice of the arts, students will acquire skills, values, behaviors, and knowledge that are essential for success in any field within a diverse and always changing society. Students in the Fine Arts aspire to use their knowledge, skills, talents and abilities to improve the human condition.

Fine Arts Students of the Month

November, 2018 Students of the Month


Alexis Baker

Alexis a serious and dedicated student. She has earned high praise both within and outside of the Fine Arts Department and is an exemplary all-round student. She consistently comes to class ready to work and challenges herself with each new project through her selection of subject matter and attention to detail. Alexis has excellent observational skills and the persistence required to make each project a success


Skyler Podziewski

Skyler created and skillfully performed two excellent choreographic compositions. Her original work about homelessness will be presented as part of Concert Dance Company's January 10th Inspired by Social Justice Concert. She is also a great role model for her peers, always willing to demonstrate and assist her classmates.


Skyler Gacek

Skyler is an exemplary music student in Academy Singers, Select Choir, and Handbells. In addition to her hard work in her ensembles she has also worked tirelessly on the Choral SATB music library putting in hours of her time during study periods and after school.



These two inseparable scene partners are real standouts in the A period Introduction to Theatre Arts class. Both of these students have a passion for the subject area and their ability to reflect on their work in writing is among the very best of the class. These are two very talented and intelligent students whose bond with each other continues to yield great results.

Sequence of Courses

For more detailed information about each course, see the Fine Arts Program of Studies