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Fine Arts Mission

The arts are a central feature of virtually all societies throughout history. There are multiple ways of understanding and interpreting the human condition and the study and practice of the Fine Arts provide an important means for such understanding. Through artistic practice, students gain an awareness of the richness of human culture and ways in which a society’s values, aspirations, and ideals are communicated. Through the practice of the arts, students will acquire skills, values, behaviors, and knowledge that are essential for success in any field within a diverse and always changing society. Students in the Fine Arts aspire to use their knowledge, skills, talents and abilities to improve the human condition.

Fine Arts Students of the Month

September, 2018 Students of the Month


Cynthia Mwaura

Cynthia currently is taking Ceramics IV. She is a bright intelligent young lady. Hard working and is a class leader by example. Cynthia's work ethic is unrivalled she comes into the studio and works two extra class periods each day.


Elizabeth Morin

Now with Concert Dance Company, Elizabeth took New Dance Horizons as a freshman and Unified Dance Education as a sophomore. She also continues to be involved in Dance Club, now as Vice President. Her work for the Company this semester is proving to be markedly mature, abstract, and thought-provoking. Stay tuned and see her completed choreography later this fall!!


Maddy Costello, April DiDomenico & Jesse Ames

Music Students of the Month Maddy, April and Jesse are our marching band’s drum majors. They began working together back in August at the UMass Drum Major Academy and have continued to lead the ensemble with great confidence and a commitment to excellence. These ladies are ideal representatives of our school and the music department. Come see them and their band in action at the next football game!


Michael Hughes

Michael, a senior, is showing himself to be a valuable member of both the H period Intro to Theatre Class and the B period Musical Theatre Class. Michael is a wonderful team player who is quick to volunteer a comment to enhance conversations and assist in group settings. His teachers say that he is always prepared with lines and work and shows great improvement over his time at Pinkerton. A credit to his own personal work ethic!

Sequence of Courses

For more detailed information about each course, see the Fine Arts Program of Studies