Board of Directors

Pilgrim Cove Foundation, Inc.

The PC Foundation is made up mostly of members from the churches in the UCC Idaho Association. The Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 that over sees the running of Pilgrim Cove Camp.

Chi Morgan, President - Nampa UCC

Laura Creech, Vice President - Nampa UCC

Dale Curtis, Operations Committee Chair, Treasurer

Janice Aagaard, Secretary -Wright UCC

Al Busche, Facilities Committee Chair -Wright UCC

Larry Gebhardt, Programming & Development Committee Chair - Challis UCC

Marnie-Anne Sell, Social Media Liaison - McCall UCC

Donna Tantilla-Thomas - Pocatello UCC

Craig Curtis - McCall UCC

Linda Hallock - McCall UCC

**We currently have 5 open positions on our Board. If you are interested in being involved in

Pilgrim Cove Foundation / Camp, let us know.