Ms. Steele's Math Class

Welcome to Ms. Steele's Math website! If you're on a computer or a tablet, the links above will help you navigate the webpage. If you're connecting via phone, please utilize the drop-down menu to navigate. On this site you will find the plans for the week, additional math practice, goals of the classroom, and more. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!

PCS Grading Scale

100 - 93 A

92 - 85 B

84 - 75 C

74 - 69 D

68 and below F

Classroom Practices


I utilize the app/text messaging service Remind to communicate upcoming events, tests/quizzes, etc. to parents. Below are the codes for each specific class. Please text the code to 81018.

6th Grade:

      • @fbdc62b

7th Grade:

      • @4af9ga

7th Grade Accelerated:

      • @g988dk

Late Assignment Policy:

    • Late assignments are not accepted unless the student is absent. If the student is absent they get one day for each day they missed. For example, if your child is absent 3 days, they will have 3 days to make up the assignments.

Extra Credit:

    • Extra Credit will only be given once a quarter. Notices and Reminds will be sent out.

Our Goals for the Year:

    1. Having a positive mindset for learning
    2. Trying our best every day
    3. Not giving up
    4. Being realistic
    5. Learning to set personal goals
    6. Being a classroom citizen