Please announce at meetings that these evenings do not have anyone to answer the hotline at Central Services Office.

1st Wednesday 6 - 9pm

3rd Sunday 6 - 9pm

3rd Thursday 6 - 9pm

4th Saturday 6 - 9pm

5th Thursday 6 - 9p

CSO Committee 05-09 2017 Agenda.pdf

Joeangel Martinez Jr

Jul 5

Hello fellow alcoholics! Joe M here giving you an update. We're halfway through the year and summer is in full swing.

Your public information committee has been very hard at work carrying the message to the fellowship and informing the public.

The Pierce Co. bus signs are up and running. If anyone sees one please let your PI committee representative know. These do run in Puyallup. Some in Auburn and Federal Way as well.

The speaking at non AA functions workshop will be on 13 August. That is a Sunday. The reason for that is that we have a PI/CPC quarterly the day before. It will run from 1pm to 4pm to allow people to go to church. We will have flyers in your boxes very soon.

That is the workshop that you must attend if you are going to do a shift at the Washton state fair booth in Puyallup. The dates that we have for the booth is Fri. September 1st - the 4th. 3-4hr shifts.2 person staff unless we get big turn out! Entry and parking will be free. You can come before your shift and go to the fair or you can come and do your shift and go to the fair after. I did a shift last year and there was plenty of time to go walk around while we give each other breaks. We're hoping for a great turn out. We want to certainly include District 29 as well since it is in Puyallup.

These are big yearly events and please consider attending these. Thank you very much.

Joe M

Pierce Co -West PI Chair

Dist 9/44/45

DCM Dist54 Aug17 Rpt.docx
PI & CPC Quarterly.pdf
CSO Committee 06-04-17 Agenda.docx

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Central Service Office

3640 South Cedar Ste S

Tacoma, WA 98409

Phone: 253.474.8897



Two Event Date Changes July 9th, CSOC meeting & Aug 26 for Email Basics at CSO

The date of the class is Aug 26 2017 at 10AM,

location: CSO, 3640 S Cedar St, Suite S, Tacoma, WA 98409.

To get an email address for a trusted servant email

1. Send email to with the name of Trusted Servant Position, i.e. Dist 45 Treasurer, Alt CPC Chair, PI Secretary, etc.

2. Webmaster will send you an email address and initial log in password to the email address the request is from.

3. Log on to , go to bottom of page and you will see

Trusted Servants

Trusted Servants Email (

4. Click "Trusted Servants Email" and it will take you to the log on page for you to enter the email address assigned to your trusted servant position.

5. Enter the password that you received. You may change the password if you like.

The Email Basics Class is for anyone who is new to computers, and/or not familiar with using email and/or who may need help signing into their Trusted Servants email.

Needed immediately: Evening Coordinator for the 12 Step Hotline

The hours are 6pm to 9pm. Each day of the month there is a different group/individual that answers the phone at CSO. In addition to managing the 6-9pm shifts, they maintain a Contact list and recruit for open positions and attend the TSSC meeting the 2d Monday of the Month 6;30pm at CSO

Currently there are 4 (four) Open Positions; 3rd week Sun and Thur, 4th week Sat, 5th week thursday.

As of today Jun 23, there is not an Evening Coordinator for the 12 Step Committee.

Anyone interested may contact the CSO at 253.474.8897 and leave their name and number and the TSSC Chair will call them back.